Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Image Hoard: Ectoplasm

Here is another collection of images I have liked and stolen from the interwebs.  I'm having a lot of trouble naming it, because there's not really much of a theme.  It's kind of squidgy and transparent, so 'Ectoplasm' will have to do.

1 - 'Entangled' by Kate MacDowell
This is a hand-built sculpture made from porcelain.  MacDowell is an artist making beautiful works in porcelain, commenting on humanity and nature, and the often uneasy relationship between the two.  'Entangled' is heartwarming and repulsive in the same instant; both touchy-feely and squirmy.

2 - Crystal Renn in 'Feast', photographed by Terry Richardson
Yes, maybe you remember it was Crystal Renn who featured in the Jimmy Choo ads I posted last week.  Good spot.  And yes, I'm mildly obsessed with her now.  This is part of a set that was printed in French Vogue last October, showing Renn stuffing herself on bountiful portions of a variety of foods.  It's hypnotically gaphic and slightly controversial, given Renn's personal battle with eating and weight.

3 - unidentified 'Dextro' image
This is an image I found on New City Movement blog (for "future forward music, design and culture").  I've not been able to find it again, even though I know it has something to do with Dextro; the DIY musician a.k.a. Ewan Mackenzie.  It looks like a digitally rendered smoke formation.  I would suggest watching the video for 'Momentary' by Dextro, which was created by Owen Harris and is pure haunting inky loveliness.

4 - Phaeodaria by Ernst Haeckel

5 - Atelier Chair for Adidas Australia by GoodWivesAndWarriors
The girls of GWAW use prolific monochrome patterning with flashes of colour.  I love the effect and so many of the patterns they use are inspired by science and natural forms.

6 - Siphonophore Tentacles
I don't know who took this picture, and I'm not entirely sure what it is.  But it sure is pretty.

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