Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wine by Some Young Punks; Awesomeness by Tomer Hanuka.

You don't get much more 'New World' than Some Young Punks. They're a bunch of Aussies who make wine and, though I can't vouch for the taste, it always looks damn good! These are the the two latest emissions from this small estate, artfully dressed by Tomer Hanuka, an Illustrator with vats of talent and a subtle and beautiful sense of colour.
I found this on Tropical Toxic, Tomer's blog which he shares with his bro Asaf.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spookasem at Salon 91

Rrroll up, roll up! Spookasem is opening soon! Write it in your diary. It's an all girl art show "conjouring up fairgrounds, forgotten lands, extinct creatures, imagined monsters and friendly ghosts..." It will feature some works by yours truly and a whole host of talented ladies. If you're in Cape Town on the 20th, get you heinie up on Kloof street for the opening. Check the pretty flyer for the specifics. Unfortunately nearly 10,000 kilometres prevent me from attending, but I'll be there in spirit.