Thursday, September 22, 2011

Across the Sea

I've attended a few great gigs recently, including Weezer waaay back at the beginning of July.  I had the idea for this image while watching them, but execution has been delayed because of moving house.  This, quite clearly, is not a portrait of Weezer but more a portrait of the crowd who were so happy and excited to the band, like a seething mass of love.  (Side note: If you take the rainbow colours away it looks a lot like Hell.)

And I got to use my A3 scanner for the first time for this one, so it was well exciting.  I'm sure you can't tell.

Across The Sea

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashion Ice

So the winner of the recent City Kids Sting / Abi Heyneke competition was Katt.  She runs a cool style blog over at Fashion Ice.  

The prize was a custom illustrated banner and we worked together on what kind of look and feel would be right for Fashion Ice.  The result can be seen below in all its glory and in situ at Fashion Ice.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My second 12" sleeve design is out now!  I can finally show it to you.  I finished it back in May, but that feels like years ago now.  Check out my first one, for a remix of Anaconda by Untold, in this blog post.  This new one is for the same label; SSSSS.  It is part of Hemlock recordings; a independent London-based record co owned by Andy Spencer and Untold.  

The 12" features two remixes of Untold's track 'Bones' by Joe and Rockwell.  You can buy the disk or download at  I love the tracks and had a lot of fun working on the sleeve.  I have yet to see it, hold it in my hands, but I can't wait.

Again this sleeve has a Mehican influence, with ghostly skulls and bones (obvs) in running ink and a subdued off-black and magenta colour scheme.  The sleeve also features everyone's favourite Psychoactive Alkaloid-containing cactus, Peyote.  Peyote is currently an endangered species in the state of Texas, so if you're thinking of going on a 'vision quest' in the desert and harvesting some of the hallucinogen for your trip.. Don't.

The sleeve with its pink label

Hand drawn type on the disk labels

And just for fun; below is one of the 'work in progress' versions.

An earlier version, a little more Rainborific