Friday, December 21, 2012


Here is my 12 days of Christmas card design in the most obnoxiously Christmassy colours possible....  Can you see all the (mostly bird-based) gifts?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lost in London

Lost in London is a beautiful quarterly magazine about living simply in the city.  It initially caught my eye because of its natural bent and local attitude.  They also happen to make fantastic use of illustration between the covers.

For this latest issue, number 8, I was asked to illustrate the Starling murmuration (yep, I had to look it up too!) that happens over Rainham Marshes.



There are lots of gorgeous spreads in this issue and it would make a great present for any lost Londoners you might happen to know!  For £10 you can order a copy online or catch it in these stockists.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

10 days til Christmas!

We don't have a tree, but I wanted some festive decoration in our home for Christmas.  So I decided to decorate our living room window myself and have two trees!  I took a whole day to do plus some preparation and editing but was worth it.

I used Posca markers to draw on the glass because they're opaque and they will scrub off no trouble.

The music is from Sufjan Stevens' new Christmas album called Silver and Gold.  It's very festive and a bit weird, but brilliant. (And would make a great gift for a Sufjan fan!)

I have made a few attempts to produce a video, but this time I swore I would post it no matter how it turned out.  So here goes...

And Merry Christmas!

PS. I don't usually move around like a fully caffeinated ant.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Phone Pop

Whoops I let my blog go quite a while without posting!  But I assure you it is because I've been very busy.  I even have a whole new business to show for my efforts.

Ladies and Gents, may I present to you...

Phone Pop logo

I got an iPhone 5 when they were released and really didn't want to put a bulky case or cover on it and spoil the look.  I thought there must be a better way to protect and enhance your phone.  The aluminium  back plate offered quite a nice opportunity to add some decoration onto the phone and merge it seamlessly onto the handset.  And so, the Vinyl Back was born!

Phone Pop Formica Vinyl Backs set for iPhone 5 is an online store that I have created.  There are 6 sets to choose from and 3 different designs in each set.  Because the Vinyl Backs are easily removable you can change the look of your phone as often as you like.

Phone Pop Glyphic Black Vinyl Backs set for iPhone 5

Phone Pop Glyphic White Vinyl Backs set for iPhone 5

They are all original designs that I have created and I hope the range has a little something for everyone, whether you want your Vinyl Backs to be bold or blend in.  I aim to release new designs regularly so the options will increase!

Phone Pop Nippon Black Vinyl Backs set for iPhone 5

Phone Pop Nippon White Vinyl Backs set for iPhone 5

Phone Pop Pop Art Vinyl Backs set for iPhone 5

Have a look at the Phone Pop shop and let me know what you think!