Friday, October 7, 2011

Swatch for Amelia's Magazine

Swatch have just launched two new watches designed by Jean-Michel Othoniel: 'Over The Rainbow' and 'Be Black'.  Blogger extraordinaire Amelia Gregory was invited to attend the fairytale watch launch in Venice.  Read her report for Amelia's Magazine here.

I did an illustration for the article showing 'Be Black' suspended over a sparkling Venetian waterway at sunset.  I thought it way pretty romantic.

My 'Be Black' Swatch illustration
Here are some of Amelia's photos from the launch.

Jean-Michel Othoniel modelling 'Over The Rainbow' at the launch

'Over The Rainbow' with its delicate glass packaging 

Madame Emch, President of Swatch sporting 'Be Black'

Jean-Michel Othoniel is a French artist with a penchant for glass and draping giant jewellery on trees and buildings.  Decadent and delicate, full of colour and light, his work is the perfect partner for canals and Venetian architecture.  The following is some of Othoniel's dazzling ouvre.

Riviere Blanche
Murano Glass and Steel, 2003

Le Kiosque Des Noctambules at the Palais Royal metro station in Paris

Detail of Le Kiosque Des Noctambules

Le Noeud De Lacan
Mirrored Glass and Metal, 2009

Les Lacets Bleus
Mirrored Glass and Metal, 2009

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