Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Brightest Diamond

Maybe a poster is totally redundant once the gig has passed, but I was way too busy before the show to even start on this.  I went to see My Brightest Diamond last Thursday and wanted to memorialise the show in poster format.  

Shara Worden gave such an excellent performance along with her full suite of musicians and a little help from Stateless frontman Chris James.  They performed the new album 'All Things Will Unwind' top to tale in a marvellously grand church.  The pews were a little hard on the behind, but acoustics and the view were good.

All Things Will Unwind album cover

Shara sang her unbelievable version of Feeling Good during the encore.  A video doesn't quite do it justice, but this one's pretty good and you will get the idea.

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