Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Zoo Day!

Last Friday I went to the Zoo (ZSL London Zoo) and had a brilliant time looking at the beautiful//crazy animals.  I'm ambivalent about zoos because it's hard to prioritise the happiness of the animals when people also pay to get a good look at them, but I do like seeing the animals.  I think London Zoo does a very good job in general.  Definitely the least satisfied-looking animals are the Tigers; one was just pacing a figure eight by the fence until the crowd grew too big and then it moved to another spot.  But I was happy to see a poster showing the new Tiger pen that they are going to build and it's big!

These are my photos from the day, and a couple of sketches thrown in for good measure.  Pretty self-explanatory (but I can't label them all because I can't remember what they all are).  :)



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