Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain

Today, the 20th February 2012, is Kurt Cobain's Birthday.  Were he still alive he would have turned 45 today.  It's difficult to imagine.  To the world Kurt Cobain will always be young and beautiful, dissatisfied and awkward in his own skin.

I honour I have drawn this tribute of the whole band.  I must admit I don't listen to Nirvana a lot these days, but I have had their whole discography on repeat for the past week.  It seems like I forgot what good music it is.  

Nirvana x 4

I made a gif of the drawing in progress.
Expect everything to be animated from here on in!
I also made the image into wallpapers for you to adorn you computer or cellular telephone with!  Enjoy...

Desktop Wallpaper 
click on the image above and save it

Phone Wallpaper
click on the image above and save that sucka

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