Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Electric Witches

I recently entered a competition run by to design a shoebox for Miista's new shoe collection entitled Electric Witches.  I love the London-based company's designs and since the prize included free shoes I just couldn't resist entering.  I mean, who wouldn't want to win these?

Even just the title 'Electric Witches' is a feast of inspiration.  I set about creating a magical mandala.

My Psychedelic Mandala

For my shoe box design I drew inspiration from ancient cultures and rave culture alike.  I looked to the signs and symbols of magick. The visual language of mysticism is often arranged in concentric circles like a wheel or mandala, representing the universe and infinity.
I drew my own mandala and chose to drape it over the lid; the void around draws everything inwards, to the eye at its heart.
I wanted electrifying colours: an inky blend of bright cyan, magenta and yellow, creating a rainbow mess. The black background provides a weight and darkness so that the design really pops. 

Miista Shoe Box Design

Part of the entry was to make a Pinterest board with your inspiration images.  Here's a link to mine.

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