Thursday, June 23, 2011

CSM MACD Final Show

That's Central St Martins' Masters in Communication Design to most of us.  The Final Show was held at the Rochelle School, East London and is the culmination of two years work for the post grad students of St Martins.  I visited on Saturday but there has been a delay in me blogging about this because of some malicious microorganism that has held me hostage in bed and forced me to watch a lot of movies for the last few days.  The show closes today (at 6pm) so if you want to take a look you will either have to run fast or own a TARDIS.


Never the less, I still want to blog a few of my favourites from the exhibition.  There was a huge range of stuff based around Visual Communication; Illustration, Typography, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Photography, Animation, etc. and it was all round brill.  It made me a bit jealous.  I've done a little section on each of the people who impressed me most...

Diana Przykorska

Ummm, how do I explain?...  I'm not too sure, but it seems fascinating.  Diana is a Graphic Designer but is very analytical and philosophical about it.  She has done lots of research about the act of looking and drawing, using technology to do so, and how the brain deals with it.  There were a few books on display of Diana's creation.  Sadly, she doesn't have a website to explain her own work, but she does have a blog with a few bits and bobs.

part of Diana Przykorska's display at the exhibition

Golbanou Moghaddas
On Twitter as @GolbanM

Golbanou is a printer, creating delicate and eclectic etchings, ofter layered or painted on.  Take a look at her website or blog for more examples.

Indispensable Passion II by Golbanou Moghaddas

Kanitta Meechubot

Kanitta is from Thailand; hinted at by the slightly ropey English on her otherwise lovely website.  I think her large-scale collages on death and memory are gorgeous.  They are lyrical and evocative, rich in detail, with lots of scientific references.

Transcendence by Kanitta Meechubot

Transcendence (detail) by Kanitta Meechubot

Sarah Langford
I didn't see any cards for me to take away and add to my ever growing business card collection, but I liked the work she displayed so much I wrote down her name.  I couldn't find a website but after sustained googling I found her blog.

Her work seems to be entirely inspired by Hydrology.  She uses drawing, collage and water-based media to make diagrams and demonstrate or record experiments to do with water.  I was drawn to it because I work in ink and love its watery, fluid nature and the way it leaves a trail; evidence of it's movement.

Sea, Rain and Tap Water Evaporated I by Sarah Langford

Sea, Rain and Tap Water Evaporated II by Sarah Langford

Alexa Galea

Alexa is a friend, and the main reason I made an effort to visit the show (full disclosure).
I love her work; the colours and textures, the rugged subject matter refined and contained.  She uses lots of layered prints and collaging.  Visit her website to see more!

from Alpine Hitch by Alexa Galea

from Big British Cats by Alexa Galea

Paul Ferragut
Paul is on twitter as @paulferragut

I was mostly drawn by the Illustration in the exhibition, but I found Paul's work really exciting.  He is interested in Digital Design and had some of his tech creations on display.  One was a hacked Wii (I think) which senses the users movements and draws on the wall with a pen.  I didn't test it out and I don't know how easy it would be to try and represent something using this tool, but it would certainly be a different experience!  The wall was mostly covered with sweeping black lines from multiple people giving it a try.  I think it's interesting to use technology to engage with drawing in new ways.

Paul Ferragut also had on display a "Time Print Machine", which is basically a home made printer that creates a matrix on paper using ProMarkers.  I especially liked the 4 colour print of a tree, because it has a lovely, 'Seurat' quality to it.

Time print video from paul F on Vimeo.

Time Print detail by Paul Ferragut

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