Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Image Hoard 5: Grit & Grime

1 - Fuck Halloween by Ashley Wood
Halloween's long gone, but still...  

2 - Random Image
I found this in some random stream-of-consciousness, image-association-type blog.  It's quite creepy, but kinda cool.

3 - The Coloured Mountains of Landmannalaugar, Iceland
Different minerals show as colours in the landscape.  Iceland looks a bit like a Never Never Land to me; I'd love to go there. 
This is an inspiration image posted by The Vamoose; a label that makes beautiful jewellery.  I urge you to check out the blog and the website.  Buy pretty things!

4 - A sketchbook page by Stella Im Hultberg
Stella is an artist who draws a lot of faces and sometimes uploads sketchbook images onto her blog.  This spread is so dreamy and expressive.

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