Monday, January 24, 2011

Image Hoard 6: Monochromatic

I am doing a lot of admin-type work at the moment, so not a lot of drawing is getting done but compulsive image collection continues as normal.  Here's some monochrome inspiration for your Monday blues.

1- The Wave, Coyote Buttes, Arizona
via The Vamoose blog

2- Film still from Full Metal Jacket
The bombed, collapsed, shot and burning Vietnamese buildings that feature in the second half of FMJ are really beautiful.  I couldn't help admiring the chaos in the background as I watched.

3- Sharks
They are so dark and serene.  I'm glad I'm not the one taking the picture.

4- Elie Saab
I don't know much about Saab, having just been introduced to his work, but the colours used in recent collections are the most beautiful, natural and subtle.  Just look at these dresses.

5- I really wish I knew who made this necklace.
My guess is one A McQueen; for the skulls, the statement.  But I have no proof of this.

6- Victor Hugo's sketch pages
The famous French writer was also excellent at drawing.  He was almost a famous French artist, until he decided to focus on writing.  His use of ink is so natural yet accomplished.

7- Ella Buter's home
via Eendag Op 'N Reendag blog
I love the curation of this display.

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