Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sketchbook: prep for The Rose-Elf

I'm just starting to work on an illustration for 'The Rose-Elf', a short story by Hans Andersen.  I've been reading a collection of his fairy tales and I find the quality of Andersen's work varies a lot; some stories are genius, some are baffling, and one was so boring I actually skipped it.

But 'The Rose-Elf' is a the story of a quiet revenge reeked by some conspiring jasmine flowers and a rose-elf on a cold-hearted murderer.  It's a good'un.  

A disembodied skull features in the tale; and anything with skulls and flowers together quite tickles my fancy, so it inspired me to have a bash at an illustration. 

The following are my first sketchbook pages dedicated to the matter...

First with pen & ink

Then inks

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