Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mami Wata

Mami Wata is an African deity, revered in a number of African countries, the Caribbean and parts of North and South America.  They have a shrine to her at the Horniman Museum in South London; that's where I first learnt about her.  She is basically a mermaid; half fish, half beautiful woman.  Mami Wata is a water goddess, associated with rivers and seas, and often accompanied by a snake.  She is seductive, sometimes ensnaring men and then demanding fidelity.

Below is my own take on Mami Wata.  It's quite different to most traditional images of her, because I have enhanced the grotesque nature of a woman-fish hybrid.  I have also used the idea that mermaids are often reported to have hypnotic red eyes, and so the attraction becomes more sinister.

Mami Wata
a close up of the fish lady

I also have to tell you to go out and buy the latest issue of Disorder magazine, because my pic "The Hazards of Love" is in there alongside buckets of other good stuff.

The Hazards of Love

And Natalia Kills is on the cover.  Bonus.

Look out for this


  1. Your blog is super, very inspiring. Love the deer art you made, beautiful.

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

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