Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dead Air

Hi y'all!

I have been super busy moving house, redecorating and living in semi-unpacked chaos; dealing with plasterers, electricians, carpenters, the council; receiving a million deliveries from online shopping and driving a van round to B&Q, Ikea, all sorts.  This is mine and Josh's first purchase in the property world and we have big plans and high standards (which equals a butt-load of work).  There's still plenty to do, but we're getting there.  We haven't even started on the garden, which will be an epic task in itself.

I have located my laptop, tablet and a chair to work from, and have done enough nesting to feel like I can start getting back to work.  Plus my hands and nails are wrecked from all the manual labour, they are longing to get back to the drawing board where they belong.

I will do a proper before and after with the estate agent's photos when it's a bit more finished, but for now there are a few pics below.

Sold!  To us! (it's the lower-ground floor)

Tester pots

Our first piece of mail; a hand-made card from my Mum & Dad 

My motivational lunch box: to help me with the cleaning and painting 

The flat came with built-in shutters; handy for protection against rioting
We're sleeping on the living room floor (the walls used to be red)

Pot Noodle: the Work-Women's lunch of choice

Freshly painted bathroom

Peaches has no clue what's going on

Garden, I will conquer you... (note bottom left, BBQ is at the ready)

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