Friday, August 3, 2012

Image Hoard: Always & Never

Book cover of Hemlock Grove by Brian McGreevy

This fantastic cover caught my eye.  I'm intrigued by the melodramatic werewolf novel that it represents as well.  It has very mixed reviews but it's being made into a series by Netflix and I think it might be worth a read.  I tend to judge books by their covers.

Above and below unknown images

These were pulled from an excellent, but sometimes disturbing blog of found images by Miron.

Above and below by Fin-DAC

Beautiful urban art, tightly controlled with a touch of chaos.  I think he does it all with spray paint.

Totem 2012 by Niark1

Crazy brilliant image by Parisian Designer/Illustrator Niark1.

Toujours et Jamais (Always & Never) by Pierre-Eugene-Emile Hébert

Hébert was a sculptor in Paris who had an unremarkable career aside from this piece in terracotta, which caught Baudelaire's eye at the 1859 Salon and remains a sensation on Tumblr.  It now lives in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.



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