Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Show RCA 2011

Saturday turned out to be a scorcher of a day but the Graduate Exhibition season must go on.  In the sweltering heat I and some friends attempted a turn around the Royal College of Art in Kensington.  The College is "the world's most influential post-graduate art and design school" according to their website.  That may be a fairly boastful statement but I think most people would agree.  
We saw a wide range of disciplines, including Fashion & Textiles, Design Products, Design Interaction, Innovation Design Engineering, Architecture, Metalwork & Jewellery, Ceramic & Glass and Vehicle Design.  Phew!  On top of that there is another building with Curation, Comunication Design and Animation that we didn't get to see, and you can also visit the Battersea site to see the produce of the RCA's Fine Arts section.
The Kensington show is packed with loads of exciting and inspiring stuff, and with such a range there's something for everyone.  You might have time to see it for yourself because the show is on until 3 July, daily from 11am to 8pm (closes at 4pm on 28 June and doesn't open on 1 July).  Details on their website here.
The following is a round up some of my favourites.

Emma Shipley
Textile Print Design

Troglodytes Gorilla (from Hyper Nature)
Wallpaper design

Veronica Ranner 
Design Interactions

Ranner has a project on show that proposes we may be able to have silkworms help build organs for transplants in the future.

Heart Scaffold and its parts
In a collective: Silkworms weave the desired shapes

Laura Amstein
Fashion Accessories

Amstein has beautifully designed and crafted leather accessories; sleek and fun at the same time.

Tavelly moulded leather bag
Workob moulded leather clutch

Helen Moore
Ceramic Artist

Not In Kansas Any More
Migration (details)
Presence of Absence
Specimen series

Anne Mette Fisker Langkjer
Printed Textiles

Langkjer has a beautiful installation on show, with layers of suspended dyed fabric which is back lit, giving an eerie, claustrophobic feel.

from Textile and Light installation piece

Lauren Bowker
Textile Innovator

This overgrown tribal headpiece by Bowker is displayed in a large antique vitrine, like a rare bird.

Kate Miles
Textile Designer

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