Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lights Go Out 13

I am pleased to announce that I illustrated the cover of Lights Go Out (awesome UK music fanzine!), lettering and all.  Issue 13 will be out imminently and is now available for pre-order here at the measly cost of £1.

The final cover

I drew the mask specifically to go on the cover and chose it because A. I love tribal masks, and B. Masks represent the face we choose to present to the world; they symbolise power and protection, distancing the wearer from the real world.  They're funny and creepy and weird to look at, but would be amazing to put on.  Originally I wanted to put the inside of the mask on the cover and the face of it on the back, so you could wear issue 13 like a mask!

You can buy prints, hoodies, techno skins, etc emblazoned with the mask face from my Society6 studio.

Inside and out

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