Friday, May 20, 2011

Austra's 'Beat & the Pulse'

Austra are a Canadian band.  Music from Canada is like my achilles heel, and Austra are no exception.  Their music is dark and electronic with female vocals, prompting many comparisons to The Knife.  And while they do have Knife-like qualities I would say Austra's ouvre so far is more sombre and more beautiful.  Front-woman Kate Stelmanis comes from a background in classical music and it shines through in her strong vocals.

I created this illustration to accompany Amelia Gregory's interview with Kate Stelmanis for Amelia's Magazine.  The title of my piece: "Capture Something Rare", is a line from 'Beat and the Pulse' (arresting video further down the page) and the image is meant to reflect the rippling synth of the track and the brooding beauty in Austra's music.

Austra's debut album, called 'Feel it Break', dropped on May 16th and I strongly recommend you check it out.

Capture Something Rare
Warning: The video below contains a nipple (but just the one).

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