Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Image Hoard: Ornature

My inspiring stuff this week is a blend of patterns and the natural world: Ornature.  
Click on the pictures for a slightly larger version.

Left:  Jonny Wan "2011 Year of the Rabbit"
Right:  Aztec sculpture of Coatlicue, the Goddess of Earth & Death

Jonny Wan is an amazing Illustrator operating out of Brighton who makes everything look like Aztec/Scandinavian circuitboards.  It may sound strange, but with super beautiful results.

Coatlicue (sounds like co-at-lick-way) (wikipedia) translates to "Her skirt of snakes".  She is the goddess that gives life and also takes it away; because, while Earth is a loving mother, it is also an all-consuming and insatiable monster.  The sculpture is currently on display at the Museo Nacional de Anthropologia in Mexico, but after it was discovered in 1790 it spent a lot of time buried underground because the Europeans found it so horrific to look at.  Certainly, towering at almost 9ft, wearing a necklace of severed hands, human hearts and skulls and a skirt made of snakes and spurting blood she cuts an imposing figure.  I love the way the snake scales are rendered.  I think it's beautiful and terrible at the same time (a lot like life) and O, what I would give to visit.

Flight of the Conchords poster by Aaron Horkey

I couldn't find a website for Mr Horkey, but do a google image search of his name and you will not be disappointed.  His level of detail is insane and his lettering and mutant fauna are amazing. 

Hi/Bye by Wilhelm Staehle

Mr Staehle operates; loaded with a multitude of witty and concise visual one-liners, conveyed through the medium of paper cuts.  Take a look, it's funny.

That's all for now.  Toodles!

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